What can we offer you?

  • Commissions per sale with lifetime commissions on future sales
  • Discounts on EnduraVita supplements for personal use (depending on your reach/sales)
  • Support in the form of explanations & marketing materials
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When are you suitable as an ambassador?

  • You have an affinity for health, anti-aging & longevity
  • You can inspire, motivate, or educate people.
  • You have a large (online) network
  • You stand 100% behind EnduraVita products
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Our mission

At EnduraVita, we strive to have a positive impact on the well-being and quality of life of people by offering high-quality and revolutionary longevity and anti-aging supplements. We aim to help people slow down their aging process while increasing their vitality so they can fully enjoy life, regardless of their age. Through the application of scientific research and innovation, we aspire to be a trusted brand known for its effective and safe products.

Do you want to be part of our longevity and anti-aging community and help people combat aging?

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  • Affiliate link

    You'll receive a special link assigned to you. You can use this link in your promotions. For every sale that results from this link, you'll receive a commission. This commission is lifetime, so you'll also receive it for all future orders.

  • Affiliate discount code

    You'll receive a unique discount code linked to you, which you can share with your network/followers. The person who places an order with this code will receive a discount, and you'll receive a commission. This commission is lifetime valid.

  • Reseller of our products

    You'll receive a competitive wholesale price for our supplements, which you can easily order through our webshop. You can then sell these products yourself through your physical store or online shop. If someone decides to order online afterwards? When you become a reseller, you'll also receive an affiliate coupon & link so you continue to receive commissions, even if someone orders outside of your store.

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